We truly love dogs. When my husband and I started dating we discussed about how we both dreamed of owning our own business. My husband insisted that I quit my job and start a business so that when he retired that he do something that we both loved doing..playing with dogs..spending time with dogs…taking care of dogs…WE LOVE DOGS..

There is a downside to our business…when a client moves…and when a client passes away. We know our time with out beloved doggie clients is limited…you never know what tomorrow holds for them..or even us for that matter. I was touched when a client wrote the nicest review for me on Angie’s List. When I took her beloved Mr. Woofus..I knew it would be a very short time that I would get to spend with him..you see, he was 17 yrs old…I was coming in to let him out in the afternoon since he could not longer hold his bladder for very long due to his age.

Woofus was not ill nor was he in any pain…his spirit was wonderful…he still thought of himself as a spry little puppy..he would try to run but his legs would say otherwise..and he would tumble to the ground..he would slowly try to get up with my guided hand…Our “walks” started out walking up and down a house or two..then it progressed to making just past the front porch…until finally I would have to carry him outside and carry him back inside and lay him in his bed surrounded with his toys..

I miss Woofus…I miss him dearly….he had a undying youthful spirit that didn’t want to give up…not even at the end…I was thankful I got to spend his last day on earth with him..but weeks before his passing I would leave his house and sit in my car crying..because I knew it might be the last time I would see him. I am thankful I got to kiss his head, scratch his ears and tell him he is loved. I whispered in his ear it was ok for him to go to rainbow bridge..we would all miss him so..but we knew he was tired….we know he wants to run again without crashing to the ground..as I made the dreadful phone call to his mother that she needed to come home…Woofus would probably not make it through the night maybe not even through the week…

We cried on the phone together…I said my goodbyes to Woofus..thankful I got to say goodbye..most times we never get to say goodbye..maybe it helps with the grieving process..maybe it doesn’t..but one thing I am sure is all of our clients capture our hearts…

Here is the review Woofus’ mom wrote me on Angie’s List:

We hired Shadow & Marty’s Pet Care Service to care for our elderly dog while we were at work. Dedi would come to our home every afternoon to let Renny outside to do his business, stretch his legs, fill up food and water as needed, clean any messes (bless her heart) and most importantly, provide some ear scratching and extra love.

Dedi’s positive attitude and obvious love of dogs made her a perfect fit for our needs. I never worried about her being in our house, she is very dependable and trustworthy. We would often receive updates or cute little pictures of our dog. Sadly, our dog has passed on. I appreciate Dedi’s dedication to our little guy. I know she increased the quality of his last months with us. When we are ready for a new dog(s), Dedi will be one of our first calls.

It makes me feel good to know that a family feels that we helped with the quality of life for their beloved furkid.

Woofus 1 2-21-2014

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