Exercise and Dogs

Published on January 16, 2013 by in Blog


Ever wonder how we exercise our own dogs? Our older crew…aka Shadow and Marty are walked with short walks through out the day due to their ages. Our younger crew get the energy draining workouts.

Our youngest member of the family….and our most active, Mimi, is a very active Jack Russell Terrier. She can be a big couch potato or she can be a jumping bean bouncing off the walls and furniture…we prefer being a couch potato but in order to get her into the “potato” state we have to burn a lot of energy from her daily..

My best friends are my bicycle and my bike leash. The bike leash is a special bar that is attached to my bike and moves to accommodate all the different sizes of our dogs.



Mimi Bike Leash 2


This is the way we like to see her AFTER her walk…


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