FAQ’s-Pet Waste Clean Up

Frequently Asked Questions:  Pet Waste Clean Up

What do you do during poop scooping process?

We sanitize/disinfect our tools, shoes & hands before and after each visit so there will not be any cross-contamination.  We also wear 2-4 sets of vinyl gloves and use the proper tools to pick up the pet waste properly.


We will notify you of any suspicious findings in your pup’s poop as well as if we find any “tunneling” near the fence line.  We will also fill water bowls that are outside if needed.


We will then bag the waste and leave it in your trash receptacle or we will remove it and take it with us to dispose of properly for a $10.00 disposal fee per visit.


We do not just look in common areas of your yard.  We look in, on and around small trees and bushes.  We go over your yard with a fine tooth comb and go over it several times just to make sure we have not missed any hidden poop. But sometimes we may overlook a piece or two…if you need us to come back we will gladly come back and pick up the missed poop. Please call us right away so we can try to make it back the same day or next day.


Are you a franchise? Who is/are the owner(s)?

No, We are family owned and operated.


Should my Scooper be bonded?

Bonding is different than insurance.  Bonding generally applies only if someone from the company steals from your home, and is convicted of the crime.  At that time, the bonding company will reimburse you for the loss, and the scooper business will reimburse the bonding company.  Such a conviction can take years, and can be difficult to obtain.  It is also important to know that many bonds only apply to the employees of a business, and not to the business owner.  So bonding is really optional for us since we are family owned and the family members do the daily operations.  We do not have employees.  We are bonded and insured for not only our protection but your protection and peace of mind as well.


What time will you be at my home?

We do not set specific times for poop scooping services, with the exception of weekend services or one time cleanup.

We will be at your home during our normal business hours which are Monday through Friday 7AM-5PM.  We do not work Holidays.


When is my payment due? What type of payments do you take?

Billing is done one month in advance of service.

If your service begins mid-month, we will pro-rate the charges and bill accordingly.

Ongoing Services:  Customer invoices will be distributed between the 15th & 20th of each month for the following month’s services. Payments to Shadow & Marty’s Pet Care Services should be received by month end (the 30th or 31st in most cases) to guarantee uninterrupted service.

*Payments received after the 1st of every month will be assessed a $20 late fee.

If you would like to cancel service please give us 48 hours notice before your next cleaning to avoid being charged. Less than 48 hours full rate will still be charged


Do you work on the weekends or at night?

We do offer poop services on the weekends for Special Occasions/Events and special requests.  We feel you would rather enjoy your yard on the weekend without having us picking up poop while you are trying to entertain or trying to relax in the backyard but will we will pick up on the weekend if it is needed.  We do not work during dark hours because we cannot see the poop to properly offer you the best service.


What do you do with the poop that you picked up?

We will bag the waste and dispose of it in your trash can or for an additional fee we will take the pet waste with us and dispose of the waste properly.


Will you clean my yard in bad weather?

We will make all attempts to clean your yard in bad weather unless it will put our lives in danger or Mother Nature does not permit it.  (ie: heavy rain, lightening, hail, flooding & icy weather, snow, etc)  We will attempt to schedule clean up later in the day or the following day or when the weather is permitting depending on how many weather related missed clean up days are taken. Credits will be issued for missed days only if we cancel due to personal/business reasons not due to weather issues.


Do you offer Referral Bonus?

Yes, we will give you $10.00 off your following month service after your referral has completed their 2nd monthly cleaning.


How far do you travel for poop scoop services?

We currently cover Plano, Frisco, The Colony, Austin Ranch and Allen.


Do I have to be home when you clean my yard?

No; but we do require to meet your pup(s) on our first initial visit if your dogs will be in the yard.


Should I leave my gate unlocked? 

We will need access to your yard on our scheduled days.  Most customers leave their gate unlocked for us to enter on the day of the service. If we cannot enter when we arrive you will still be charged for the visit.


Do you work while my lawn is being serviced?? 

We prefer not to interfere with other lawn care services. We do not want to get in their way and for our personal safety, please schedule us the day before your lawn care service is to take place or we can also see if we can schedule to arrive before your lawn care services arrive if they have a set schedule with you. This will also help the poop from getting smashed into your lawn from mower wheels and/or being “flung” across the yard when they are mowing.


Can my dogs be in the yard while you clean?

We love dogs or we wouldn’t be in the business if we didn’t…will work with most dogs in the yard; however we will not work around aggressive dogs.  If we cannot access your yard because of an aggressive pet, you will still be charged for the visit.  We encourage meeting your dog(s) before we begin service so they will get to know us and used to us being in their yard.  Even the friendliest dog can become territorial when you are not present.  If we have not met your dog and they are in the yard we will NOT enter the yard and another charge for an additional visit will occur if you are not home to put the dogs up.

Cancellations or cancelling service?  

You just need to give us 48 hours notice prior to the scheduled service.  Cancellations less than 48 hours will still be charged for the scheduled day.  We will discontinue services if we have not received full payment by the 1st .  We will assume you have decided to cancel services.


****Prices subject to change without notice*****