Are your neighbors complaining that your yard stinks like poop and pee?  Do the flies seem to have parties at your house?

Here’s a solution:

Go to your local Petsmart or Petco and go to the Poop Scooping section.

Look for a bottle that attaches to your water hose.



Yard Deo 1 Yard Deo 2Yard Deo 3


The price range for these are $20-25.  We have used these products on concrete and on grass.  The smell was very nice and you could not tell that one of our dogs had been using the patio as his personal restroom.  It also controlled the fly population as well since the poop and pee smells were not masked with a deodorant…they were eliminated.  These products will also work on “fake grass” lawns.


We could not have been any happier with these products.    Do not have a water hose?  You can also mix water and some of the solution in a pressure pump spray and use the product that way…we did not have a hose in the location at the time so we had to do the pressure pump spray system.  Give it a shot..your neighbors and your nose will thank you!

Pump Spray Bottle

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