If you are like me you dread cutting your dogs nails.  I dread only one dogs nails to cut and those are Shadow’s.    Yes, I know I could take them to a groomer or the vet but Shadow has had his nails cut too short too many times he is fearful and puts up a fight when he sees the clippers.   We got to the point we were could cut one nail without pain or trauma but then he would freak out…so we would only get to clip ONE nail…out of ten.

One day I read where someone suggested giving the dog treats to distract them this worked for two nails and then he was off.  Finally, I read this facebook post from Short Mugs Rescue Group and saw this diagram on how to properly clip a dogs nails.  I never thought I would be able to clip Shadow’s talons (as they became known as).  I had my husband and son help me.  One held his paw steady while the other had a steady stream of treats distract him…Work beautifully…. and now ALL 10 nails have been clipped down to a decent length and we do not hear click click click click as he walks on the floors.


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