What are the benefits of hiring a Professional Pet Sitter?


Benefits to your pets include:

Your pet(s) gets to stay at home in their safe, secure environment.
Your pet(s) will be surrounded by familiar sights, smells, sounds, toys and bedding.
Your pet(s) gets to continue following their regular diet and exercise routine.
Your pet(s) will have one-on-one play time.
Your pet(s) will receive love, personal attention and
Your pet(s) receiving their oral medications.
If an emergency arises you have someone responsible to care for your pet(s).
We eliminate the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment.
Your pet(s) exposure to illnesses is minimized.
We bond with your pet as if they were our own.



For You, the Pet Parent:

Benefits to you and your family include:

Knowing that your pet is in their own environment safe and secure.
Knowing that your pet’s needs are being met.
Knowing that when you come home your pet(s) will be there to greet you. You do not have to rush to make it to the kennel before they close or drive after a long trip to pick them up.
Knowing you will never have to impose on family, friends or neighbors.
Knowing that your home is being monitored. Flyers, mail, packages and newspapers are being brought in. Lights being switched on and off. Blinds being opened and/or closed during the visits.
Knowing that you trust the person caring for your pet while you are away.