This is Woofus.

Woofus 1 2-21-2014

I take care of him everyday…he is 17 1/2 yrs old..he refuses to believe he is old even though his body reminds him with a gravity check all the time..

Every day I hold my breath when I walk in…fearing I will find him on his journey to Rainbow Bridge..when I leave his house I sit in my car and cry…I have only known him for about 6 months..but he is really awesome…in the 6 months I have seen old age take its toll on him…he is not in pain..he is not suffering..he is simply old…his Mommy tells me give him what he wants and let him do whatever makes him happy…so we sit at their pool and eat snacks and enjoy the breeze and the sunshine..while I cuddle him and scratch his ears..

I know my days are limited with him…I now carry him around most of the visit, just so he won’t have an accident before he gets outside…then I guide him along and the simple act of a walk tuckers him out..he tries to run..he tries to jump…because he still thinks he is a puppy but old age and gravity have other plans for him…

This is how I put him in his bed when I left today..

Woofus 2 2-21-2014








with all his favorite toys to snuggle with…I scratched his ears until he fell asleep..then I left..sat in my car and cried…

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