We recently ran into this question with a new Cat Litter Scooping Client. When I arrived at the client’s home and observed their box I noticed how tiny the box was for two full grown cats. One of several reasons could cause the issue. 1. The litter box is too full for the cats liking and frequent scooping will be required on a daily basis. 2. Litter box is too small and causes the cat to refuse to go into and because it becomes full quite easily unless it is scooped after ever time it is used but who wants to be the litter box monitor. 3. The cat does not like the new litter or placement of the box and will acquire some time to get used to the newness.

To solve our clients issue we installed another larger litter box since the first litter box was extremely too small for both cats and with twice a week cleanings the box filled up pretty fast between cleanings with two cats in the house. If the problem persists even after trying different solutions contact your vet to rule out an underlying health issue especially if the cat is urinating outside of the box.

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