With the 100+ temps upon us I am always looking for ways to keep our pups cool and healthy.  One of the ways we make special healthy treats is that we buy different flavored yogurt and pour the yogurt in ice cube trays and freeze them.  Not only are they getting a healthy treat they are getting a nice cool treat to help beat the heat.   When choosing your pups flavors make sure the yogurt does not have seeds in them..the best flavors to use

Vanilla, Strawberry and Blueberry these are my furkids favorite flavors.  Do you have a banana that is too ripe for your taste?  Slice it and freeze it in the yogurt or just give the as a tasty frozen treat.  Maybe you pup is crazy for peanut butter….add a dollop of peanut in the middle of the yogurt.  Your pups will thank you.  You can also make them big enough to fit into a Kong.

I make a few trays…pop them out and store them in freezer bags in the freezer then pop some out for the pups for a quick healthy treat.


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